Scheduling – Go With The Flow

Time is a gift with a purpose. Sadly, a lot of people often disagree on which time specifically they want to dedicate to the same pupose. Examples are easily enumerated: A couple weeks back I spent a whole gameless month fruitlessly trying to get a group together. In a different, rather extreme case of delay, … Continue reading Scheduling – Go With The Flow


Great Curses (not Spells) – Pentecostal Greetings

"By Pelor!" is something a D&D cleric would totally say. Weirdly enough, many real world religious types try to avoid exclamations like "Christ!" or "Oh my God!". It's connected to the commandment to not "use God's name in vain", as the bible puts it (Ex 20:7). And what is really considered bad in certain cricles … Continue reading Great Curses (not Spells) – Pentecostal Greetings

It’s good to play bad – why we should all play criminals

Why would you play a criminal? There is a Kickstarter ("Wiseguys: The Savage Guide to Organized Crime") in its last hours right now that offers material and rules for Savage Worlds to play modern crooks of all kinds. I ran the Jumpstart for the project. My group and I loved it. Of course I'm a … Continue reading It’s good to play bad – why we should all play criminals